As a pro photographer, I love taking pictures. But I don’t have my SLR all the time with me. I am madly in love with Instagram. You can manipulate your snapshots from your phone and make masterpieces in Instagram. Here’s how to do that.


With camera phones, you cannot get the same amazing depth like an SLR. So, you need to add it with your own shot. Use repetition, lines, and space with backgrounds and foregrounds to do it. Use “Tiltshift” effect on Instagram if you want to highlight your depth.


If they want to seek attention to lighting for normal shots, it is important for the pics of your camera phone. The lighting can break or make your Instagram pictures. You can take pictures in lighting which is soft when seen in detail in the shadows and highlights. After pulling the shot on Instagram, you will find a lot of options for editing and add awesomeness with it.


Crop factor is one of the most vital considerations when it comes to take snaps with Instagram. Your old Polaroid is something you can get with Instagram. You can take a shot and work with 1×1 crop on your Instagram.


With the use of Camera Phones, you can get all the help. You can capture photos from different angles. You may shoot from below; shoot down and with objects and blur out the background. You can be as more creative as possible with angles and make more interesting shots.


Lighting is considered to be an important element of landscape. If it is possible to get stunning shadows and highlights in a scene, the shot will just be perfect and you can throw some of the tilt shift to add artistic effect.


Portraits with Instagram? Actually, you can add some stunning portraits. Some of the gorgeous portraits from Instagram can really be worthy to be hanged on your living room wall. You can find soft light to get a cool portrait.


I am really stunned with how beautiful detail shots can be with using Instagram. Even though you need to crop a little, you need to use good composition and good light to get a best shot.


Instagram really has some of the cool and stunning borders to add to your shots. From vintage to paint-brushed, black to white, borders can really add stunning artistic feel to any shot taken by you.